• David Jodoin

5 Ways to Make Your FBO More Efficient

An Optimized Dashboard

I see it all the time, an age old cork board with the days tasks haphazardly placed. When FBO’s do make the switch into the digital landscape they make that transition through companies that are using antiquated systems that often don’t cover all of their needs.

VoyagerFBO eliminates the need for paper slips or dry erase boards in your office by organizing your work orders and tasks in a simple, easy to view dashboard. Our dashboard home page highlights any high and low density periods at a glance, even giving you the option to filter work orders by month, week, day, or a simple list view.

But we don’t stop there. We have placed easy to view counters at the top of our dashboard to highlight the number of work orders you have open, how many are assigned to your line crew, and how many have been left unassigned. This gives management a clear view on what word orders are at risk of being left unfulfilled, so that no task falls to the wayside.

Work Order Accountability

One of the biggest issues FBO’s face is maintaining accountability for their workforce.

In every work order or service request VoyagerFBO prompts you to assign it to a specific user. This approach guarantees that no request falls through the cracks.

Once a work order is assigned to a user, they will instantly receive a text message notification with both the tail number and details of the assignment. We go a step further though, additional notifications are sent if the work order is not marked as complete within an hour, and a half hour of its scheduled due date.

We put this information in the hands, and pockets, of everyone at the FBO. Managers, customer service reps, and line crew personnel alike will be able to easily share information about their workload and notify each other whenever something is marked as complete or a task needs to be transfered.

Fuel Metrics

The time has come to throw away the scribbled on clipboard when it comes to fuel reporting, especially when that same sheet is being shared between a number of people on your line. This leads to frequent recording errors, not to mention to lag time involved with entering that information into your system.

Often, FBO managers won’t realize that there is a discrepancy until after the written reports have been passed in and entered at the end of the day.

We saw this as a huge issue that cost FBO’s time and revenue. After all, the majority of your sales come from fuel, so it makes sense to pay the most attention to this.

Our fuel reporting system allows you to customize the capacity information on any number of tanks in your fuel farm as well as the details of each of your fuel trucks. Meter readings and fuel amounts are entered into our client with each fueling and updates the system in real time.

So, as a manager, you can check on the fuel levels of your fleet at any moment, anywhere that you have access to our client. Our system will even alert you whenever a discrepancy is found or fuel farms and trucks ever reach a custom set critical level that should indicate a restock of your supply.

With VoyagerFBO there won’t be any more guesswork or surprises when it comes to fuel reporting, only more control and increased revenue.

Employee Performance Metrics

Understanding where your strengths and weaknesses lie is essential if you want your business to grow. A well managed workforce is the lifeblood of any company, in any industry. So ensuring that everyone shows up to work and earns their pay is essential regardless of if they are a long term veteran or a seasonal employee.

Through VoyagerFBO you are able to pull reports on each employee, highlighting the number of work orders that were assigned to them through any period of time, as well as the number that they actually completed. This will help managers reward high-performing employees for their work, and focus on training those who have fallen behind.

Employees who know that their actions are being recorded, and are incentivized to perform at a higher level, will do so and naturally increase the overall experience at your FBO.

Accounting Integration

VoyagerFBO integrates your customer and invoicing through Quickbooks, and are making other accounting systems compatible with future releases. While VoyagerFBO does not yet have a point of sale feature, our accounting measures easily link with your existing POS systems.

However, our system automates batch uploads of work orders and pricing into your system in a general data format, making the transition to VoyagerFBO seamless while giving you a plethora of management tools with will increase your FBO’s revenue exponentially.

This, coupled with clean reporting of customer information, preferences, and upsell opportunities, give you the tools necessary to optimize your sales opportunities and soar above your competition.


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