High Density Operations

Every company deals with peak periods or the famed “rush-hour.” These are periods of time where the influx of clients can double or even triple operational volume of what an FBO is accustomed to working under. Now in any other business, a restaurant for example, those times can be sporadic and unpredictable. For an FBO these high-density periods can be much more predictable being that they are generally focused around special events such as conventions, elections, or even a major sporting event that can be planned for at times up to a year in advance.

During peak times it is common for a major airport to receive two or three hundred more business and general aircraft, along with the standard two pilots each, in addition to the normal air traffic. Given the nature of these operations, most people plan on arriving, attending the event with the possibility of staying overnight at a hotel, and then immediately departing all within a twenty-four-hour period.

This creates a flood of both passengers and pilot, who are often on a tight schedule, and an environment that may cause the methods of standard operation to fail accordingly if proper planning was not done. For instance, if the Line Crew is only receiving orders from the CSR’s office rather than on the ramp or in the field than it is realistic that hundreds of aircraft may begin to queue simply due to the time it takes to transfer information.

So, how do we combat this?

One thing to remember is that these events are planned months in advance. It is pivotal to take notes of any upcoming conventions, games, or debates that will bring people in by the thousands. Using a program like VoyagerFBO, an operation would be able to plan accordingly, set tasks, and assign work to specific employees in order to ensure that there are few delays. In the case that an FBO needs to hire new or temporary employees as well, they are easily managed within the same system.

Mistakes do happen, be it a veteran employee or a new-hire that is only scheduled for a handful of events per year. Building an environment where employees feel empowered is key to the success of any business. After all, an employee that comes to work equipped to do their job with minimal stress will ultimately perform at a higher level and build better client relations.

Many new clients will choose your FBO due to a competitive price, but they will return due to a positive customer service experience that made them feel welcomed and that their aircraft was well cared with the same respect during high and low-density periods. This mentality is about owning our efficiencies and creating an environment where all FBO employees feel accountable for their actions and the actions of the company.

A way to ensure this experience is to equip your team with the tools necessary to excel collectively in an environment where even a minor mistake can lose a client forever. An employee must feel that they are a valued part of their company, that the actions they perform matter and affect others, and that they are able to handle any reasonable issue on their own. The solution is to keep proper records where each employee is held accountable for their actions, and if a mistake does happen, it is easily reported, recorded, and rectified.

Perhaps the most important tip FBO’s can take from this is that centralizing their data will streamline the transfer of information and increase both productivity and accountability during both peak and normal operational times. Using a system that allows Line Crew Personnel to view assignments from their personal devices creates an environment where there is less wasted time spent fetching tasks from the office and writing them down on paper slips. Especially during the craze of high-density periods, it is easy for someone to overlook or forget a task that could lead to a negative customer experience or operational failure. Creating a centralized digital hub for both Line Crew Personnel and CSR’s builds cohesion within the FBO and maintains excellence no matter the situation.


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