How Accountability Increases Revenue

FBO’s run on incredibly thin margins that often make it difficult to run their business comfortably and provide the white glove service that is expected in the aviation industry. Even though information technology is advancing, many FBO’s are still using antiquated tools like paper slips or poorly designed, first-wave, software.

Whether these FBO’s are simply rooted in their current system, or deem new technology too expensive, one thing is having a clear impact on their business; an inability to measure operational information leads to an inability to manage it correctly, and, a substantial loss in revenue every year.

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After all, you can’t manage what you can’t measure, and every day thousands of FBO’s across the country allow the loss of vital information to affect their overall business.

My time working on the line taught me many things, but one of the most frustrating was the general lack of communication between personnel that often came from completely different walks of life. I started my morning in the office taking notes from my customer service representative (CSR) before heading out to the field, but time and time again my walkie would go off to page me about a new work order which would be written on a notepad I began to carry in my back pocket.

Worse were situations where someone else was meant to relay information to me and never did which lead to service issues with our clients on departure. Not only had that put me in a position where I would have to take the blame for something I never was informed about, but this leads to a negative customer experience, and loss in revenue for the FBO I had worked for.

Our fuel trucks were largely managed by a simple clipboard left on the dash. Whenever we fueled an aircraft or topped the truck off at the fuel farm we would jot the information down on a printed spreadsheet and compile the sheets later. Too often I found myself at the end of my closing shift struggling to read the numbers someone wrote down with a too-dull pencil, or numbers that were altogether incorrect and didn’t match up with our readings.

Nearly every time I stopped back in the office I would discover tasks that no one oversaw, sometimes even for clients that were arriving or departing within the hour. Imagine the feeling when you realize you need to have a rental car on site for a client arriving in twenty minutes as you were just on your way to wash a plane set to depart in thirty.

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I realized quickly that there was a serious problem in many FBO’s in that even the “cutting-edge” tools offered by many platforms only offered glossy solutions without much substance and at an incredibly high price point. It’s the ever-long relationship between supply and demand. FBO’s needed software to keep up with the digital age, so a skeletonized version was offered to the public in comparison to what is possible.

The result? Frustrated FBO managers, flustered CSRs, and mismanaged line crew personnel that often revert to pen, pad, and trust in each other to get the job done.

So, I left the line crew and found myself in VoyagerFBO’s office working on a solution to the issue. A cleaner, more efficient work order interface will help every employee at an FBO manage and measure their business to a higher degree.

Be it clear and accurate recording of how many gallons of fuel each aircraft received, and subsequently more accurate readings of the reserves left in the farm, or being able to properly manage new and completed work orders through reliable notifications in the field – a platform that empowers FBO’s to succeed will ultimately allow them to offer the white glove experience that is expected while simultaneously increasing accountability and revenue.

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It’s about being able to measure your shortcomings and understand how to improve upon them. A workforce that relies on a platform like VoyagerFBO won’t have to worry about a notepad in their back pocket that can be easily lost, the reliability of a high school kid on summer vacation, or an older man working the line post-retirement who tends to shirk responsibilities whenever able.

Instead, all work orders, assignments, and measurements can be clearly accessed via a protected web portal where both individual and operational metrics can be reviewed at any time. Our philosophy is not to police the workforce, but to hold everyone accountable for their actions and therefore increase the quality of your FBO’s experience.

With a modern and affordable platform trust in your brand will rise naturally as employees perform to expectation, and revenue will be increased as fewer things fall through the cracks.


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