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Updated: Aug 14, 2018

The world of private aviation revolves around the idea that discretion, efficiency, and a high level of white glove services are key to any FBO’s success in the industry. This is a business where lifelong client relationships can be seeded from a simple conversation two pilots had over their $100 hamburger, or the fact that a business jet encountered no delays or forgotten request on their first visit.

Recurring clients, business class or private, are the lifeblood of an FBO’s revenue. But, those relationships can just as easily be tainted, tarnished, and forgotten by even the simplest mistakes. Even something as little as forgetting to restock a jet with ice can leave a client with a taste in their mouth for the duration of their flight that reminds them that they were let down.

It’s human nature that no matter the amount of good an entity does, it is easily overlooked by one mistake. Airports that only have one FBO on site have a little more leeway in this regard, but FBO’s that share an airport between two or three others deal with the reality.

It is common that many private pilots will choose an FBO solely based on their fuel prices, a conversation likely to have happened while still in the air with the airport authority. Often a pilot who isn’t familiar with their choices will already be eyeing the FBO’s before landing, observing their general organization, their hangars, the state of their tie-downs.

This community is small and closely knit, so no matter the choice, a pilot is bound to hear the local buzz about the other FBO’s on site, both good and bad. Keep in mind most FBO’s aren't promoting their competition either.

Competition between FBO’s is high, and the reward is low given that even thriving FBO’s function on incredibly thin margins. Running a clean operation is pivotal to an FBO's success, but that often isn’t enough. Your FBO needs to stand out from the others on site through excellence of service and an elevated client experience.

Welcome Voyager Class.

It’s our philosophy, and something we live by every day in building a software tailored to the white glove service we equip the FBO’s who work with us to offer. Being Voyager Class goes beyond a label, it’s a beacon that lets every other FBO on site know that you strive for excellence and are equipped to achieve those goals while letting your clients know that you are invested in presenting them with the highest quality service possible, even if you are a mom and pop FBO.

On the client end, it is about accountability and ease of service. It is knowing that every request has been managed promptly and that no service has fallen by the wayside. It is the reassurance to your clients that they only have to enjoy their seamless travel experience.

Internally, VoyagerFBO removes the need for paper slips in the industry, and holds users accountable for tasks that have been assigned to them. Traditionally, paperclips could get lost, or your line crew could easily forget one of the seven tasks your service rep rattled off to them when they stopped into the office.

VoyagerFBO allows tasks to be assigned to individual members of your team, sending a text notification to their cellphones to alert them to any new assignment. We don’t stop there, users are able to set due dates for every task and subsequent alerts will be sent to customer service reps and management if an assignment has yet to have been completed both an hour and a half hour before it’s scheduled completion time.

This alone ensures that three separate people are made aware of a task that is at risk for being missed. So, no more missed bags of ice, no more arrivals that don’t have a line crew member there to greet your client, and no more request that were lost or forgotten.

The implementation of ADS-B beacons that come as part of our service will give your FBO the information on all flights within a one hundred-mile radius of your airport. This information is important because you are then able to report which of those planes landed at your airport, and which frequented your FBO.

This type of reporting will highlight why clients may be choosing another FBO over your own, and when they do choose you, will give you the information needed to understand their needs to the fullest and ensure that you become their number one FBO.

Our platform equips you with the knowledge base to see what services a particular client has requested, is likely to request, and what services are highlighted as opportunities for your FBO to offer.

Becoming Voyager Class means that your FBO prides themselves on a reputation of excellence and a level of white glove service where every client departs confident that every request was fulfilled, every single time. It is giving your FBO the tools to maximize its revenue potential by being able to not only offer more but to know what to offer and when.

A Voyager Class FBO prides themselves on efficiency, freeing up more time to manage the ramp and cater to the needs of their clients by eliminating the confusion and time wasted chasing down paper slips or radioing in.

Perhaps most importantly, its creating a community of FBO’s in an industry that at times can be competitive to a fault, and elevating your client experience to a point where the simple fact that a client knows that your FBO uses VoyagerFBO, they will choose you over anyone else at your airport.

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