Private vs. Commercial Flights

For the majority of the population, flying a private or chartered aircraft seems like an out of reach luxury, but if it's really so expensive, than why do millions of private flights dominate the air-ways every year? Upwards of 400,000 every month in the United States according to the FAA, and that's just for Business Jets, never mind private planes used for personal travel or scenic flights.

Let’s highlight the existing problem.

Commercial airlines gouge pricing depending on the amount of available seats, and rather than being priced to fill the aircraft, they are priced higher depending on how few seats are left. In these situations, even a family of three would overpay for seats that may not even be placed together. In the worst case scenario one of those seats may be lost and the party is faced with the dilemma of finding a new flight or separating themselves.

It’s happened to me countless times. Growing up, I was fortunate enough to be able to travel often. At least once a year my parents would plan an out of state vacation to some theme park, national park, or island. Being that I live in New England and we all loved the tropics, this often meant that our only option was to fly. Out of those times, I don’t remember a single occurrence that both my parents and myself all sat together, and at times, we were all separated.

From the time you load your car at home, to the traffic you may or may not hit on the way to the airport, to the amount of people you see queued up at the first security checkpoint that just so happens to have three lanes closed during rush hour; every delay can make or break your entire vacation. Commercial airlines have very strict boarding times, but simultaneously can be loose in when they actually take off, as if the passenger can’t hold them to the same punctual standard.

Every time, I never felt like I was actually on vacation until we had landed at our destination, slept, and woke the next day after the nightmare of travel was over. I had always thought that my parents were just high strung, but the older I got the more I realized the frustration that commercial flights cause.

Whether you are going away on business, or are taking the family on an out of state trip; convenience, efficiency, and comfort should be at the top of your list.

The private aviation industry offers flexibility and ease in travel that is unseen in the commercial sector. Of course, savvy travelers could purchase their own aircraft, but for those who can't there is always the option of chartering a flight through connections with private companies or using a service such as JetSmarter.

Traveling this way allows a lot more freedom because the system operates largely on the clients time, which is you.

Rather than having to show up to the airport a few hours before departure, wait through several lines, and still risk having a missed or canceled flight; flying private allows you to show up just a few minutes before departure, maintain a higher level of comfort, and fly directly to your location with ease.

The philosophy is about making the most of your time and work as efficiently as possible while being given a higher quality of service. Private flights offer the convenience of being able to freely travel between the some 5,000 airports across the country without the

frustration of having to navigate the mismanaged public space of a major airline terminal.

Increasingly, people are looking to private flights to satisfy their needs.

With personalized service, direct travel options, privacy, and a higher degree of comfort, travelers are able to enjoy higher quality time in the air with their families, or be able to focus on an important meeting that’s scheduled just an hour after landing.

Whatever your reason for traveling, it’s time to ditch the commercial options and reduce stress with a private flight.


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